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  • I've been playing TPT for about 3 years.

    I'm used to where the elements go, also it's open source (You can add your own elements... etc) It has way more features than what has been mentioned here. (Decoration Layer, Gravity types, ambient heat, Newtonian... more

    by Uberness

  • Excellent physics game...

    Out of all the physics games I have played, the Powder toy is probably the only one I can think of that has so many different things to play with. Examples include explosives, powders, lifeforms,radioactive-... more

    by TenaciousD

  • TPT has a bad community and moderation.

    If you comment constructive criticism, you will be simply IP banned for life. The mods won't listen to you, they will invade your privacy and use every little thing against you. Anything you try to lift a ban will end... more

    by PowderTech1350